Airbus showcases ‘Wingman’ drone concept at 2024 ILA Berlin Air Show

The Airbus Wingman air combat drone will be demonstrated at the 2024 ILA Berlin Air Show in Schönefeld, Germany on 05 June 2024.

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Airbus The concept for a new combat-type drone called the Wingman was revealed this week, and a model was displayed at the huge ILA air show in Berlin.

Airbus said in a statement that the drone would be an “unmanned escort for manned combat aircraft.” statementGiven that it is designed to operate in a similar manner to an actual wingman. In aviation, a wingman is a pilot in a secondary aircraft who supports and protects the primary aircraft.

This drone can be controlled by fighter jet pilots, and can be deployed on risky missions that could pose a threat to manned aircraft.

“The wingman’s tasks can range from reconnaissance to intercepting targets and engaging targets on the ground or in the air with precision-guided weapons or missiles,” Airbus said.

Unmanned drones and aircraft have become a major feature of modern warfare. They offer efficiency and greater range, as they do not require the ability to carry a crew and do not need any safety features or similar support systems.

An Airbus model of a new combat type drone “Wingman” is pictured at the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) in Schönefeld near Berlin on June 5, 2024.

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The model displayed at the Berlin Air Show is described as the basis for the design and eventual production of the drone. Airbus said it includes features such as low observability, integration of sensors and weapons.

Airbus also said it is working closely with artificial intelligence defense company Helsing. AI technologies for wingman drones,

VR air defense trainer, kamikaze drone and fighter engine

The ILA Berlin Air Show is one of the largest shows in the world, bringing together startups and industry giants to showcase the latest developments in the civil and military air and space industry.

A Donaustahl Maus quadcopter kamikaze attack drone will be displayed at the 2024 ILA Berlin Air Show in Schoenefeld, Germany on June 05, 2024.

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A variety of drones are being displayed this year, including so-called kamikaze drones. They are believed to have been used In the Russia-Ukraine war these drones typically carry explosives and hover near the target before attacking it.

Also showcased were virtual reality warfare training equipment, which allows military personnel to experience using weapons and defence systems without using missiles or aircraft.

A stand host demonstrates the use of the Hensoldt Virtual Reality Trainer for Stinger anti-aircraft missiles at the 2024 ILA Berlin Air Show on June 05, 2024 in Schoenefeld, Germany.

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Other equipment on display includes new fighter engines — designed to give planes more power or run less hot to avoid detection — as well as reconnaissance drones and a medical evacuation drone, which aims to efficiently reach and help wounded soldiers.

Some of these products are already in use, while other designs are still in the conceptual or development stage.

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